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[21 October, 2020]

Just in time for Hallowe'en, here it is - the "Sacrifice" single, a collaboaration between yours truly as x.a.o.s and horrorcore wunderkind KidCrusher. Check out the video on YouTube here, then pick up the song and its attendant remixes (including one where I was unwisely left unattended behind the board) wherever you get your music fix these days.

[28 August, 2020]

So, updates have not exactly been pouring forth like unto a waterfall, have they? Mostly I have been hunkered down like many people in this Year 1 of the Pandemic.

HOWEVER, some rough beast's hour has come at last... the song that resulted from the collaboration between x.a.o.s and KidCrusher approaches release! My understanding is that it will be out in time for Hallowe'en (I'll remind you then), but meanwhile an episode of the video podcast The Drain is up now featuring an extended interview between KidCrusher and myself, touching on my various creative endeavours over the decades.

Check it out on the YooToobz here.

[January 1, 2020]

Well, I guess the plan of updating this site more often in 2019 didn't really work out.

OA has moved again - now located in the heart of Melbourne. During this period, the collaboration between x.a.o.s and horrorcore wunderkind Kidcrusher (https://kidcrusher.com/) has lurched forward towards completion, and I received an 'honourable mention' in the Australasian Horror Writers Association annual Flash Fiction & Short Story Competition.

The relocation has however meant an interruption in my work on the Azza-Jono animated trailer project, which I hope to get back on top of soon. Once that particular beast is slain, I can start hacking away at my creative backlog, including some new music...

[January 30, 2019]

Current projects include a short animation which is in the final-ish stages (this week is dedicated to rendering one scene which is going at a rate of about five frames per hour - I can't even hazard a guess at when the whole thing will finally be completed) and an upcoming potential musical collaboration about which I will say more later if it works out. There's also a short story out there awaiting judgement on whether or not it is considered worthy of publication.

Last year I was involved in a quarterly art exchange for which I created four works in new-to-me media, which I found really rewarding. Currently unsure if I want to post my experiments somewhere online or keep them out of the eye of the machine. Not everything needs to be offered up to the internet churn.

[December 30, 2018]

Damn, I hardly ever update this thing, do I? Maybe I'll try to be more on top of it in 2019. In the meantime, Happy New Year.

[May 19, 2018]

For no particular reason, there's a new x.a.o.s video for an old song you've never heard before. 'Consume' is off the first x.a.o.s CD "musterion", from back in the year 2001, which was only ever distributed to a few friends and family. It's kind of a low-key gothic ballad of love and cannibalism, and you can see and hear it here.

[September 22, 2017]

Industrial Music Project x.a.o.s Releases New Video Volley In Current Culture War

Melbourne-based industrial music project x.a.o.s has just released a new video for the song “Big Daddy”, which appears on their most recent album, “Algea”. This video is available for viewing on YouTube.

The Not-Safe-For-Work cartoon features deliberately childish and crude (in more than one sense of the word) animation that explores the sexual sublimation and hypocrisy of christian beliefs and practices. This is at a time when Australia wraps up a years-long Royal Commission into child abuse, including attention paid specifically to the Catholic Church, whose top-ranking Australian official has been recalled from Rome to face charges of the same. A recent academic study decries the Australian Church's demonstrated lack of ability to safeguard those children in its care. Meanwhile, a highly divisive, government-sanctioned public survey on the subject of same-sex marriage is resulting in vocal opposition by some to potential policy change and its imagined ramifications as being somehow immoral on religious grounds. Recognition of the underlying sexual phobias and repression that inform such an organised religion is perhaps germane.

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/rqC0C4XmveI

[May 13, 2016]

It's Friday the 13th, and the first review of Algea, the new x.a.o.s album, has hit teh intertubez, courtesy of Brutal Resonance. Please check out what they have to say in their review here.

[March 27, 2016]

After years of work, the new x.a.o.s album, entitled Algea, is complete! It is now available at the new x.a.o.s bandcamp page and everywhere else digital music is sold online, and you can check out a low-res version of the video for the lead track Dysphoria on YouTube here (a high-res version will be included with physical copies of the album on USB). Callooh! Callay!

The album comes in two flavours:

1 - digital download at your online music store of choice

2 - limited edition deluxe physical version with songs in both .wav and .mp3 format on a custom hand-decorated USB, which includes a hi-res version of the video for lead track 'Dysphoria', accompanied by a 22-page booklet of photos and lyrics which is wrapped in butcher paper (also hand-decorated), and the whole thing wrapped in twine. You can order the physical version via the x.a.o.s bandcamp merch page here

[March 23, 2016]

It's coming....

[March 19, 2016]

Just a few days to go until I fly to the US for Mad Monster Party 2016 in Charlotte, NC, and I think the new x.a.o.s material might actually be ready in time. Appendages are crossed...

[January 14, 2016]

March 25-27 I will be in Charlotte, NC for Mad Monster Party 2016, signing shit and hanging out with the likes of Nivek Ogre and George Romero. My first ever convention like this and am stoked! Come on by the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel and say "howdy".

(The move to a new city is now complete but the whole process took longer than expected (as per usual) - at the moment the plan is to have the new x.a.o.s material ready to debut at the show... but this will mean working like a pig for the next few weeks. Will keep y'all posted.)

[October 5, 2015]

OA is relocating again over the next few weeks, but I leave you with this little taste of what is to come.

[September 23, 2015]

Some insight into the delay surrounding the release of new x.a.o.s material:

Since releasing Psychomachy, there have been at least 4 complete physical relocations - including once from one side of the planet to the other - all of which have interfered with the process of production.

Also, I have had my first short story published during this period, and given the speed with which I work (perhaps most charitably described as "very fucking slow"), this was something of an extended undertaking.

Third, I have been working off-and-on when possible during this period (and very hard when "on") on the first ever official music video for x.a.o.s, which required learning a lot of new skills (and a lot of tediously long effort).

However, it has now become clear to me that I cannot make available online the planned video, because most video sharing sites recompress everthing to a degree that severely degrades the work. I do not have a burning desire to see a shittily-pixelated video, so I am not going to provide one for others to see either.

After 6 years of work, this was disappointing to say the least, but the alternative of a compromised production is not an option.

Now, I am in the process of moving house again, from one Australian state to another. This is going to take up all of the time over the next couple of months that I would otherwise spend finishing up the packaging for the new CD.

Which means, the answer to the question of "where is the new x.a.o.s material" is: "the new x.a.o.s material is almost done, but will probably not be seen or heard until early 2016".

Believe me, if there was any way that this could have been out, say, a year ago, it would have been. But it is coming, and I thank you all for your patience.

[July 26, 2015]

[April 18, 2015]


OA (the HQ of x.a.o.s) (acronyms are fun!) has sprung a leak - anyone wondering what the crazy hell x.a.o.s been up to for the last 100 years since the last time any music has been unleashed can check out the recent Triskaidekaphobia online mixtape, where the final, hidden track is a late-work-in-progress mix of one of the songs scheduled for inclusion on the next release. It's called "Big Daddy", and your exclusive first listen can be found here.

[March 14, 2015]

The Journey of the Fool, starting at 0 and ending up with release into the World.

The new x.a.o.s release (still in development) is not a magical record ("record" in the sense of an account of a past event), it is a magical process itself. It is a magical record ("record" in the sense of a collection of sounds) in that music itself is magic - invisible vibrations that induce motion and emotion in those subjected to it.

Progress is slow, but everything - from the way the songs were initially conceived to the method of their cultivation to the nature of their packaging to the creation of the first official video - is using new creative and productive muscles. A beginning at zero.

Whether this Fool's Journey winds up being also a fool's errand remains to be determined. Work continues.

[February 21, 2015]

While attempting to finish the new CD and the materials that will surround the music, I've recently taken a tentative step back into the world of "social media", and have an Ello page, where I can be found as @pokalupsis. Ello is ad-free, and does not sell your information to 3rd parties (unlike other networks I could name). Drop on by.

[October 31, 2014]

Today be Hallowe'en! Also, the fine Steven Gullotta of Brutal ResonanceBhas seen fit to publish an interview with me today online - please see it here where it doubtless addresses all of your x.a.o.s-related questions.

[August 25, 2014]

Did you think I was kidding when I said it was only a possibility that the new x.a.o.s release would be this year?

Work continues...

[April 24, 2014]

Mixing of the new CD is now complete (mostly)!

Now all that's left to do is finish the first official x.a.o.s video(s) and create (possibly two different versions of) the packaging (for those who still give a shit about physical releases).

So, you know, it will be ready for release maybe some time this year possibly?

[January 4, 2014]

The new x.a.o.s album - over 2 years in the making - is in the final mixing stages, and work is underway in preparing the packaging and (perhaps) some other audio-visual accompaniment. Watch this space...

[October 7, 2013]

Check out this video on YouTube - it's the x.a.o.s build of the Anon track "Ghosting". Anon is a loose collection of online collaborators, and this is my first contribution to its output - taking a track of ambient creepery and twisting and tweaking it into a kind of electro-industrial number. As always, after you've seen it, please feel free to head to the Contact page here and tell me what you think.

[August 11, 2013]

OA has shifted location again: still in Australia, but from one domicile to another. Details would bore.
-Work on a new collection of music proceeds. A much different process than used for previous compositions, leading towards a much different product. Mixing is expected to begin shortly.

[May 20, 2013]

Brutal Resonance has just recently posted a review of Psychomachy, giving it a 9/10. Check the review out here.

[January 9, 2013]

Carpe Nocturn is a new, online videozine documenting various sub/counter/oc-cultures. It's first issue has just been uploaded, and includes an interview with me as well as an honest-to-whatever music video for the x.a.o.s track "i am not". Check it out here, and to support Carpe Nocturn's endeavour to become the biggest and baddest voice of the disenfranchised on the web, please visit their indiegogo site here as well, and keep the underground alive and kicking.

[November 9, 2012]
The current issue of Rue Morgue magazine (#128), along with the usual comprehensive overview of all things horror-themed, contains an article about me and my doings. If you're not already a regular reader, pick up a copy and give it a look.

[November 3, 2012]
Excellent industrial webzine I Die:You Die has included the track "i am not" from Psychomachy on their latest mixtape. You can hear it, along with a selection of neo-folk songs that make up the rest of the collection, here.

[October 11, 2012]
There's been another positive review of "Chodpa", my story in Black Static 29. You can read this one at Fantasy Literature.

[October 8, 2012]
Well, after saying that there probably won't be any more reviews of Black Static 29 and my short story "Chodpa" therein, there's been another good write-up at Rue Morgue. Speaking of which, there may be more news involving myself and Rue Morgue in the future, but that's all I can say for now.

[September 27, 2012]
Reviews of "Chodpa", my short story in Black Static 29, should be drying up since it's almost time for Black Static 30 to hit the streets, but there's another thumbs-up for my writing debut at The Horror Fiction Review here.

[September 8, 2012]
I Die:You Die has published a record of their shifting responses to repeated listenings of Psychomachy. You can read their impressions here.

[September 5, 2012]
SFRevu has nice things to say about "Chodpa" and you can read here. A link to the Black Static store is in the Shop, incidentally, in case you feel like supporting publishers of dark fiction and picking up a copy. Hint, hint.

[August 30, 2012]
Starburst magazine has posted a somewhat mediocre review of Black Static 29, but they give my story "Chodpa" some props. Have a look here.

[August 17, 2012]
COMA Music Magazine has posted an in-depth and positive review of Psychomachy. You can read it here.

[August 1, 2012]
Author/editor/publisher/reviewer DF Lewis has posted a 'real-time review' of Black Static 29, including my story "Chodpa", here. Check it out, why don't you?

[July 14, 2012]
Issue 29 of Black Static magazine, including my short story "Chodpa", is now shipping! Other authors with stories in this issue are Nina Allan, Renee Carter Hall, Ray Cluley and Tim Lees. Also, the x.a.o.s Shop has apparently been broken for a few days, but it is now working (links to Amazon are not allowed by my host anymore, apparently).

[June 15, 2012]
There's a nice piece about me and my upcoming story in the July/August issue of Black Static at the British Fantasy Society site. I hope that y'all can give the magazine a look when it comes out next month - Black Static comes in both physical and digital editions, for your reading pleasure.

[June 11, 2012]
A pretty balanced review of the most recent CD Psychomachy can now be found at Wounds of the Earth (an industrial blog run by Dan, the man behind Worms of the Earth). Check 'er out!

[May 20, 2012]
I'm about to add "published author" to the ol' CV. Black Static ("the UK's premiere horror magazine") will be publishing one of my stories in their upcoming 29th issue - an existential horror piece about (among other things) the essential uselessness of human consciousness.

[April 24, 2012]
The Shop is now working, and a handful of copies of Psychomachy by x.a.o.s are flying their way around the world to some possibly-interested parties. I am amazed that some of you found and bought this thing over the last couple of years since completion but without any publicity of any kind. Thank you so much for your support. Weirdos.

[February 2, 2012]
The redesigned website is now up (obviously), although still a work in progress - in particular, the Shop still needs setting up. I ain't no code-monkey, so this shit takes for-fucking-ever.


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